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Using our propriety Tap to PairTM , Plug it in and connect to your Wi-Fi and in
less than a minute setup is complete.

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Product Description

  • B.One has the highest number of built-in Radio modules providing maximum functionality
  • Radios: GSM/GPRS,Wi-Fi,BLE, Zigbee, NFC, Z-wave, 433 Mhz RF for security, IR Reciever and IR blasters
  • Built-in GSM / GPRS module for an extra layer of protection in case of power outage or no internet connection available.
  • Military standard 256- bit AES encryption with advanced built-in firewalls. Highest level of security currently available in market in our space.
  • Future ready framework, it is ready and compatible to work with Insteon, C- Bus, Profibus, Dali, Lonworks, KNX and such others.
  • B.One has power of 10 high end Parallel processors from Texas and Atmel that makes it fastest hub available in market.
  • B.One has a Qi wireless charger ( 5 Watt @ 80% efficiency ) with feature of Temperature detection of the device under charging
  • B.One consists of inbuilt SD card memory disk 32 GB for local storage of all events / Controls for over a year.
  • B.One has advance on board Temperature and Light Intensity sensors automated HVAC control and also controlling your blinds / shades based on environment and preferences.
  • The NFC based sensors for Tap and Pair is so simple & easy. Just tap the sensor to the Hub & its ready to operate.
  • Wifi to IR convertor for universal remote control
  • Battery backup of 48 hours for security.
  • B One has Media Manager function built in for audio services.
  • B.One using proprietary self-learning algorithms can send notifications predict / recommend user actions
  • The Self- Learning feature using proprietary algorithms makes the Hub the smartest one on the block. The more you use the hub, the smarter it gets.

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