How to add Philips Hue lights?

    Before adding Philips lights to B.One App, download Philips Hue App from App Store/Google Play and add lights by following instructions in the App.

    In the B.One App:

    • Tap on Devices.

    • Select Add Device. Under Add A Device, select Light.

    • Tap Color Control and select Philips Lights. Under Philips Lights, select Philips Hue Bridge.

    • Tap Search Bridge, select the desired bridge from the list and tap on Next. Press the power button on your bridge to pair and tap on Next. Note: Ensure all the Hue lights are turned ON before clicking Search Bridge.

    • Enter the desired name for the Lights and the Location. Tap Done.

    Note: Make sure to turn ON all your Philips Hue Light Bulbs to add them to B.One. If you want to add more, select Continue else tap Cancel.

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