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How to add B.One Energy Manager (Wattwatchers Unit - Auditor 3M / 6M)?

  1. Install Wattwatchers unit (Auditor 3M / 6M).

  2. To link it to B.One app, follow the steps mentioned below.

    • Select My Devices and tap on ‘+’ icon present at the bottom of your screen.

    • Under Add A Device, select Energy Management and tap on Auditor3M/Auditor6M.

    • Enter the Name. Enter and re-enter the serial number present on the device or scan the barcode present on the device. Tap Next.

    • Assign Channel and select the Consumption / Production energy type. Tap Next.

      For example, in our case, we have 3 devices consuming energy and the other 3 devices producing energy. So, we have set 3 channels as consumption and the other 3 as Production.

    • Now, assign switches else select N/A and tap on Save.

      For example, in our case we have chosen a switch as N/A since we do not wish to control it through the app.

    • You can see the last 5 minutes Consumption / Production status of the channels you’ve assigned. You can also control switches if assigned.

    Note: It takes up to 30 seconds to reflect the status of the switches.

    • To view the history of switches and edit switches, tap on gear icon present at the top-right corner.

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