How to add Philips Hue lights?

    Before adding Philips lights to B.One App, download Philips Hue App from App Store/Google Play and add lights by following instructions in the App.

    In the B.One App:

    • Tap on Devices.

    • Select Add Device. Under Add A Device, select Light.

    • Tap Color Control and select Philips Lights. Under Philips Lights, select Philips Hue Bridge.

    • Tap Search Bridge, select the desired bridge from the list and tap on Next. Press the power button on your bridge to pair and tap on Next. Note: Ensure all the Hue lights are turned ON before clicking Search Bridge.

    • Enter the desired name for the Lights and the Location. Tap Done.

    Note: Philips Hue Lights can only be added when connected to Home network. Make sure to turn ON all your Philips Hue Light Bulbs to add them to B.One. If you want to add more, select Continue else tap Cancel.

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