How to add B.One Socket?

    B.One Socket can be added in two methods.

    In B.One App:

    • Tap on Devices. Select Add Device.

    • Under Add A Device, tap on Switches and Controls. Select B.One Socket.

    • Insert B.One Socket in to a power source and wait till the light starts rapidly blinking in Blue. Tap Next.

    • Socket will select Wi-Fi which is connected on your phone as default network and will prompt to enter Wi-Fi Password or tap on Select Wi-Fi to connect with other available networks and enter the password. Enter device name and tap Done.

    Note: If the setup fails, you will be prompted to retry or to setup the Socket manually.

    • To setup the socket manually, tap on Manual Setup and follow on screen instruction to add the device.

    • Enter device name and tap Done.

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